SEO 101

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Because of fierce competition between websites, it’s now more be important than ever before for website owners to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what it’s all about. Specifically, what are the best strategies and which tactics ought to be avoided.

SEO is basically a term that describes a number of techniques which will enhance the visibility of your website in the search engines. The aim of such optimization is to rank your website as highly as you possibly can for a certain keyword. But just like anything else, this is really easier said than done.

SEO  techniques could be split into two groups. White hat and black hat.

According to Webgator, Techniques that search engines like Google recommend like good website design are known as white-hat SEO techniques. They’re considered safe and you benefit from long-term results.

Black-hat SEO uses techniques which are penalized by Google. Websites that employ they can suffer a ranking penalty. The spam score provided by MOZ can help with this. In the worst cases, a website could be completely removed from Google’s index.

Whenever we discuss SEO, we usually make reference to Google as if it were the only search engine there is. However, the truth is that Google is only one of several search engines there are, although it has a 90% share of the market, which makes it the most crucial internet search engine. However the techniques relevant for ranking on Google, would also be  relevant for Bing and Yahoo too.

Search engine optimization is about ranking. But how can this be position essential for websites?
Search Engine Land say it’s all about the click-through rate. Simply put, if you rank high in the search engines, most people will think you are a trustworthy website and thus, a high percentage of people visiting your website will buy from you. So, despite the fact that SEO has undergone a lot of changes within the past few years, and despite the fact that those changes are not the end of it, website owners still take the time .do do SEO.

SEO, however, isn’t something that you do without a game title plan. If you want to learn SEO, a great starting point is learn how search engines like Google work. Google’s search engine algorithm is all about relevance, and if you can hack why the search engine deems one website more relevant over others, then you’ve won the battle.

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