Manicures, pedicures, artificial tips, paraffin treatments,
nail jewelry – the nail care industry is booming, with nail
salons seemingly on every corner.

Why is this, do you suppose? There was a time when only the wealthy had regular manicures, but now it’s commonplace. Whether you go to a salon weekly, or choose to buff and polish your nails at home, it’s important to take care of your fingertips.

Take a look at your hands. What do they say about you? Think
about what they say to others. Are your hands rough, red,
irritated? Or, are they smooth and pampered?

Are your cuticles ragged? Or have you cut or pushed them back?
Hot pink, French tips, or clear-coated, it’s not the color
you wear that matters. What really matters is the condition
of your hands and nails, and you can improve the state of
your nails by taking a few simple steps.

Protect your nails

Wear gloves when washing the dishes or the kitchen floor.
Do not use your nails as tools. They aren’t meant to scrape
the price stickers off your new picture frame. Be sure to
apply sunscreen all the way down to the tips of your nails.
Sun damage affects nails, too.

Moisturize your nails regularly

Every time you wash your hands, you need to moisturize your
hands. Keep hand cream in your purse. Have a bottle in each
bathroom of your home and one at the kitchen sink.

Nails need to breath

Every so often, leave the polish out of your manicure routine.
Let your nails get a little oxygen.

Do not use nail products containing formaldehyde

It’s not used in biology class anymore. Don’t use it on your
nails, it’s not safe.

Gelatin really does work

You thought it was a myth when you heard it as a teenager,
but it’s true. Eating gelatin helps your nails grow strong
and healthy.


Water, fresh fruits and vegetables, protein from meats and
fish, and vitamins (multi and E, in particular) all stimulate
nail growth.

Sterilization of equipment helps grow your nails affected by leather care

Keep your home manicure kit clean. At the salon, purchase a
set from the nail technician. The salon will label it, store
it, and use it just for you. Look for at home beauty salon near you for assistance.